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  • on February 8, 2023
Trader Joe's store front

Trader Joe's store front
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Trader Joe’s is a dependable source of low-cost, high-quality treats, and during Valentine’s Day season they pull out all of the stops. Here are some of my favorite V-Day-worthy sweets that are perfect for enjoying with family, gifting to friends and co-workers, or sending with kids to share at school—all under $5!

Trader Joe's Carmel Hearts
Trader Joe’s

1. Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts

These adorable, individually-sized packages of chocolate hearts look like nostalgic Valentine’s cards. Their sheer cuteness makes them an ideal gift for a friend or child for V-day—plus, they’re delicious!

2. For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake

This adorable heart-shaped mini chocolate cake is layered with mousse and coated in dark chocolate. It’s cute as a button, just under $5, and feeds three to four people. If you take it out of the package and put it on a plate, everyone will think you spent a pretty penny at a bakery! Your secret is safe with me.

3. Hot Cocoa Heart Melts

Not only are these chocolates shaped like a heart, but they’re also filled with salted caramel and studded with marshmallows. Add them to a hot mug of milk or non-dairy milk and watched them melt into a rich cup of hot chocolate.

Cocoa Truffles Trader Joe's
Trader Joe’s

4. Cocoa Truffles

Trader Joe’s used to carry these chocolate treats seasonally, but now they’re a permanent fixture in the candy aisle. The bright red box makes these truffles ultra-sophisticated, and they taste far better than their $3.49 price tag lets on.

5. Gummy X’s and O’s

You might recognize these festive gummies from Valentine’s Day last year. The fan-favorite candies are delicious, festive, and vegan. They’re especially fun for kids since you can play actual tic-tac-toe. Everyone wins when you can eat the playing pieces!

6. Belgian Chocolate Hearts

For a quick and easy sweet treat, pick up a package of these milk chocolate hearts with praline filling. They ring up for about the same price as a candy bar but feel far more decadent. They’re the perfect size for a small gift for a co-worker, classmate, and more.

Raspberry mousse cakes
Trader Joe’s

7. Raspberry Mousse Cakes

For a non-chocolate treat that is almost too cute to eat, pick up these mini mousse cakes. A pink white chocolate shell covers vanilla cake and raspberry mousse. Plate these with fresh raspberries and consider serving with champagne for a sophisticated-but-affordable dessert.

8. Mini Chocolate Heart Cookies

If you’re a fan of TJ’s mini star cookies, you’ll love these chocolate-covered heart cookies. They’re the exact same thing, sprinkles and all, but in an adorable heart shape. Kids will love sharing them with friends.

Trader Joe's Jelly Bean Hearts
Trader Joe’s

9. Jelly Bean Hearts

At 99 cents, these little packs of pink, red, and white heart-shaped jelly beans are irresistible. Chances are you’ll find them near the cash register. The packaging resembles a paper Valentine, so they’re a fun little sweet treat to hand out to anyone and everyone.

10. Heart-Shaped Macarons

I cheated on this one—priced at $5.49—but they’re too cute not to include. You’ll find Trader Joe’s macarons in the freezer section. The bright pink and white heart-shaped macarons are vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry flavor.

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