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23 Lazy Summer Recipes You Can Make With 5 Ingredients or Less

5-Ingredient Pasta
Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

Summers mean trips to the public library to pick up books to read poolside and making s’mores with friends in the backyard. It’s all about enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.

Summers are not about being stuck in the kitchen, cooking anything elaborate or complicated. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even drinks, we’re looking for low-lift recipes that require little effort and as few ingredients as possible, because who wants to make a trip to the grocery store? We rather finish the book we borrowed from the library.

Which is where these 23 recipes that call for five ingredients or less come to the rescue. We got you covered, from dips, snacks, and cocktails to dinners and frozen treats. We’re talking a two-ingredient magic shell for your favorite pint of ice cream, a reliably delicious three-ingredient salmon dinner the whole family will love, Jennifer Garner’s five-ingredient lemony pasta, and much more. They’re easy without feeling uninspired and call for ingredients we likely have in the pantry.

Boy squeezing hot fudge on ice cream.
Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

1. 2-Ingredient Hot Fudge

Ice cream sundaes are nothing without hot fudge. All you need are two ingredients probably already in your pantry: sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. After trying this fudgy goodness, your kids will never again request the store-bought stuff.

Chocolate Mousse
Mateusz Siuta / Getty Images

2. 1-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse seems so fancy—and complicated to make. Thanks to this recipe (and a French chemist’s discovery), you can whip up a delicious chocolate mousse in minutes using only one ingredient.

Salmon on a white platter
Simply Recipes / Coco Morante

3. 3-Ingredient Salmon Dinner

For us, salmon is the king. It is flavorful, easy to cook, and even those who don’t like seafood like salmon. This three-ingredient salmon is writer Coco Morante’s go-to family recipe—her kids love it!

Overhead Shot: Multiple Ramekins Filled with 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Crème Brûlée Sitting on a Plate Next to Two Spoons, a Table Napkin, and Another Ramekin with More Pumpkin Spice Creme Brulee
Simply Recipes / Mark Beahm

4. 3-Ingredient Crème Brûlée

Who knew that ice cream, eggs, and sugar were all you needed to make one of the most impressive desserts you can make at home? This recipe is too good to be true (thank you, TikTok!)—it’s delicious and so easy.

kid whisking salad dressing in the kitchen
Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

5. 3-Ingredient Salad Dressing

Never buy bottled dressing from the grocery store again! This homemade version is cheaper, tastier, and can be altered to match every salad and palate present. It’s so easy to put together, a kid could make it (and does!).

Plate with a Stack of 3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes with Butter, Surrounded by a Plate with More Pancakes, Cups of of Coffee, and Utensils on a Table Napkin
Simply Recipes / Frank Tiu

6. 3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

As a runner, I always crave bananas in the morning. Whether it’s on nut butter toast or chopped in yogurt, it’s my wake-up special. When my bananas ripen too quickly, it’s not time to give them up to compost. Instead, I mash them into the easiest, most scrumptious banana pancakes.

Trader Joe's 3-ingredient margarita
Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

7. 3-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Margaritas

I crave Margaritas in the summer, and most of the time, I’m too lazy to make them from scratch and too budget-conscious to order one from the bar. TJ’s comes to the rescue with this affordable, easy, and delicious three-ingredient Margaritas. I’m making them all summer long!

Jennifer Garner Pasta
Simply Recipes / Wanda Abraham

8. Jennifer Garner’s 5-Ingredient Pasta

Are you looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner? This is it! Jennifer Garner made this pasta to promote her show and share a delicious five-ingredient pasta with the world—everyone wins.

Overhead view of grilled and brined chicken on a plate.
Eliezer Martinez

9. 2-Ingredient Chicken Marinade

Use up the plain yogurt and spices in your pantry to elevate your grilled chicken. This simple marinade takes seconds to mix together and adds both moisture and flavor in a way that seasoning alone can’t beat.

ice cream in a bowl
Simply Recipes / Christine Fiorentino

10. 3-Ingredient No-Churn Ice Cream

You read this right—three ingredients! Get ready to always have a tub of homemade ice cream sitting in your freezer this summer. With the help of a mixer, you can easily churn out this creamy ice cream. No ice cream maker needed.

magic shell over vanilla ice cream
Simply Recipes / Devan Grimsrud

11. 2-Ingredient Magic Shell

“The ‘magic’ part of this ice cream topping is that it turns from glossy to matte, liquid to solid right in front of your eyes the moment it hits the cold ice cream,” shares contributor Devan Grimsrud. Next time you serve your family and friends ice cream, pull this card out of your sleeve.

Top view of a watermelon granita toped with a lemon slice.
Alison Bickel

12. 1-Ingredient Watermelon Granita

Take one of the many watermelons you buy during the season, cube it, and stick it in the freezer. Whenever you need an icy treat to cool down, whirl the frozen watermelon in the food processor.

Pizza beans in a red casserole
Simply Recipes / Stephanie Ganz

13. 3-Ingredient Pizza Beans

While contributor Stephanie Ganz has entered her “bean era,” her kids have not. Try her cheesy, baked bean pizza that her bean-hesitant kids enjoy. It’ll be ready in 20 minutes.

3-Ingredient Trader Joe's Dip
Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

14. 3-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Dip

Once again TJ’s has made our jobs too easy with this spicy corn dip. “It’s out-of-this-world delicious, so easy to make, and I have yet to meet anyone that won’t go back for more,” shares senior editor Myo Quinn.

Frozen yogurt in a clear tub
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

15. 3-Ingredient Fro-Yo

You don’t need to wait in the frozen yogurt self-serve line ever again. Make this easy frozen fruit that only calls for yogurt, honey, and whatever frozen fruit you have around.

Corn salsa
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

16. 5-Ingredient Corn Salsa

Chips and dips are a must for any gathering. Try this easy summer salsa in under 10 minutes, and make a giant batch because your crowd will devour it.

Watermelon with Tajin
Simply Recipes / Kat Thompson

17. 4-Ingredient Frutero-Inspired Watermelon Salad

This spiced watermelon salad is inspired by the fruteros vending food on the streets of Los Angeles. “My pantry is always stocked with chamoy and Tajín for when the mouth-watering craving for tart, spicy, and sweet fruit kicks in,” shares contributor Kat Thompson.

Trader Joe's 2-ingredient salad
Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

18. 2-Ingredient Low-Key Trader Joe’s Salad

Trader Joe’s toasted sesame salad dressing is just as good as any homemade one. For nights when you want a quick, low-effort salad, grab a bottle and a bag of greens, and make this salad that senior editor Myo’s kids can’t get enough of.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee
Simply Recipes / Michelle Becker

19. 3-Ingredient Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Buying store-bought coffee creamer every week isn’t cheap, and neither is stopping by the local coffee shop every morning. Instead, try this easy, affordable alternative to sweeten up your coffee—it’s as good as any store-bought creamer!

3-ingredient pickled red onions
Simply Recipes / Ockra

20. 5-Ingredient Pickled Red Onions

“Pickling red onions helped me get over my fear of pickling,” shares contributor Ashley Rodriguez. Throw the ingredients into a mason jar, add boiling water, wait, and you’ll be rewarded with the best topping for salads, sandwiches, tacos, pizza, and so much more.

Monkey bread dough rolls in cinnamon sugar
Simply Recipes / Mark Beahm

21. 4-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Monkey Bread

These gooey, donut-like cinnamon-sugar clusters of dough may be Trader Joe’s Test Kitchen’s best work. We can’t get enough of this sticky delight, and you’ll love it too.

Small saucepan of melted chocolate
Irina Taskova / Simply recipes

22. 2-Ingredient Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

We were skeptical about dipping potato chips in melted chocolate. We’re glad we tried it because it’s delicious—a little sweet, a little salty, and the best snack for movie night or game-watch party.

Trader Joe's 3-ingredient watermelon cocktail
Simply Recipes / Julie & Amy Luxemburg

23. 3-Ingredient Spiked Pink Lemonade

If you’re craving lemonade, but want a little something added to it—perhaps, vodka?—try this refreshing cocktail. Make one glass for yourself or a big batch for your friends and family. The recipe scales easily either way.

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