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For 25 Years, This One Trader Joe’s Item Has Been the Same Price

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Right now, it seems like the cost of just about everything is going up. I’ve noticed myself holding my breath and cringing a little every time I approach the checkout counter of the grocery store.

I know I am not alone. Any savings is a big savings these days and so I was floored to find that there’s one item at Trader Joe’s that’s been the same price for the past 25 years. Can you guess what it is?

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The Story Behind Trader Joe’s 19-Cent Bananas

While the price of other items might have shifted over the years, the bananas at Trader Joe’s have been 19 cents a piece for the past 25 years. The reason why might not actually be what you expect. 

On the very first episode of the Trader Joe’s podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s, CEO Dan Bane shared the story behind this wallet-friendly fruit.

Previously, Trader Joe’s sold bananas like just about every other grocery store: by the pound. At the time, they didn’t have scales in stores, so the bananas needed to be weighed out and packaged in plastic bags at the warehouse before they were shipped out to individual stores. Customers could only buy a full bag of bananas, which might contain four, five, or more. 

One day, an older woman was in the store looking at the bags of bananas, but she didn’t pick one up and put it in her cart. Bane asked her why and she told him she could really only take life one banana at a time at her age.

The very next day, TJ’s decided to sell bananas individually and set the price at 19 cents per banana. Ever since, bananas at Trader Joe’s have always been 19 cents each. In an ever-changing world, there’s comfort in that.

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