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  • on August 4, 2023
Katie Couric's 3-Ingredient Sandwich Is My Family's New Favorite Go-To Lunch

Katie Couric peanut butter and bacon sandwich
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As a child of the ‘80s, Katie Couric was like a second mom to me. On mornings I was home sick from school I’d watch Today on TV. I always found her presence on the screen calming and comforting.

Now I get that same joy from following her on social media where she shares a mix of recipe content, breaking news, pop culture, and everything in between—basically the usual, but on my phone screen instead of the television.

Couric recently shared a sandwich combo that had the internet and me scratching our heads: She stacked toasted sourdough bread, creamy peanut butter, and crispy bacon. And while I normally shy away from viral food trends (Taco Pickles? Absolutely not. Pasta chips? Not for me.), this sandwich stopped me in my tracks.

After trying the sandwich with my family, I have absolutely no notes—I wouldn’t change a thing. The combination tastes like heaven. The tang of the sourdough bread with the nuttiness of the peanut butter and the crispy, salty bacon should be as much a classic as tomato and mayo, ham and cheese, and a BLT.

It’s probably fair to tell you now that I am pregnant, but weird cravings aside, this sandwich is 10 out of 10. And while I did mention I wouldn’t change a thing about the sandwich, I do have recommendations for when you make it:

Sourdough Bread: The bread has got to be a hearty sourdough with some tang. You’ll want to toast it as Couric describes, and I think the best way to do this is in the oven while you cook your bacon. The oven will give it a light, even toast whereas the toaster might overdo it, making the bread too dry and crunchy. 

Peanut Butter: I highly recommend using all-natural roasted peanut butter so that you get the most peanut flavor that isn’t diluted by way of sugar or corn syrup. My personal favorite is Costco’s Kirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter, which is made with roasted peanuts and salt—just two ingredients. Add a thin layer to each slice of perfectly toasted bread. 

Bacon: I used thick center-cut bacon, which gives the sandwich more substance—don’t forget, I’m eating for two—and cooked it in the oven on a parchment paper-lined rimmed sheet pan at 425˚F for about 20 minutes, until impossibly crisp. To assemble, I added two slices of bacon broken in half so it would fit on the bread, and drizzled it with a little honey to tie it all together. 

Katie Couric's peanut butter and bacon sandwich
Simply Recipes / Molly Adams

When I told my six-year-old about this sandwich, he couldn’t wait to try it. He had one for dinner and then asked for another for dessert. While I don’t think this will be an everyday treat for the sake of our health, we will definitely be adding it to our lunch sandwich rotation.

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