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Simply Recipes' Top 10 Recipes of All Time

Simply Recipes Top 10 Recipes of All Time
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Here at Simply Recipes, picking our favorite recipes from the site is…well, frankly impossible. There are so many we love! We do have sentimental spots for the ones that readers have used over and over again. And the comments you leave behind make us feel like we’re right there with you in your kitchens, sharing your challenges and triumphs.

This year, Simply Recipes is turning 20, and we’re celebrating by shining the light on our top 10 recipes of all time. All but one come from our founder Elise Bauer, whose recipes continue to inspire and encourage cooks. (The one recipe is from our long-time contributor Sally Vargas.) When Elise started the site, recipes on the internet were barely even a thing. Now Simply Recipes has millions of visitors every year, and we cherish you all.

Here are the top 10 recipes you clicked on and cooked most in our two decades of serving up trustworthy, straightforward recipes online, and videos of Simply Recipes editors making them.

1. Banana Bread

Published: July 8, 2010

Here it is, the internet’s number one banana bread recipe—responsible for thousands of loaves being baked every day. Banana bread provides comfort and pleasure with little effort using everyday ingredients, so it’s no small wonder if someone’s going to bake, banana bread is a go-to. At 6,500 comments and counting, the best part about this recipe (besides its simplicity) is its ongoing virtual conversation from our readers. Check out the lively thread of fanciful responses to a comment from Liz two years ago: “WARNING. There’s a huge problem with this recipe. You will be sad if you don’t double it!!!!”

2. How to Make an Omelette

Published: October 14, 2018

Of the recipes everyone can benefit from knowing, this one is high on the list. An omelette rushes to the rescue at any meal when the fridge is bare and time is scant. When you can make an omelette, you know you can bang out a totally satisfying meal in minutes. This recipe’s method (over medium heat as opposed to high) is especially well-suited for newbie cooks who need a little more wiggle room. Never fear, a beautiful omelette is near.

3. Baked Ziti

Published: February 9, 2011

Can I share a secret? I never make lasagna. Baked ziti is just as good, and far less fussy. It’s a hit with Italian sausage, ground meat, or even plant-based grounds. It feeds a crowd and offers plenty of make-ahead options. When I know baked ziti’s in store, all day long I look forward to it.

4. How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Published: July 8, 2010

The perfect hard boiled egg seems to elude many lovers of deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches. So it’s especially heartwarming to see comments from people young, old, and in between sharing their very first hard boiled egg triumphs. The method that Elise reveals in this recipe truly does deliver.

5. Easy Shepherd’s Pie

Published: February 19, 2010

In the US, shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef. In the UK and elsewhere, it’s made with lamb; properly, the ground beef version is a cottage pie. And man, do our readers outside of the US love to point this out. Whatever you call it and however you make it, it’s the epitome of comfort food, and endlessly riffable: add a little more Worcestershire, make the filling in a large skillet and bake it in that for a one-pan meal, or add grated cheddar on top.  

6. The Best Homemade Lasagna

Published: May 18, 2009

In terms of commitment, homemade lasagna is only slightly below building your own house. When first-timers pull it off, they are flush with pride. Elise’s lasagna is an adaptation of one from a reader named Alton Hoover, who’s been making it since he was in college. Alton, wherever you are, we hope you know your lasagna is adored by scores of fans.

7. Fresh Basil Pesto

Published: July 9, 2010

Every summer when homegrown basil is abundant, visits to this pesto recipe spike. The recipe itself is simple and classic: a little Parm, plenty of olive oil, some pine nuts, a few garlic cloves, plus heaps of fragrant green basil leaves. Elise herself is a longtime gardener, and in the height of summer it’s likely she’s also busy making her own batches to freeze or use on the spot.

8. How to Caramelize Onions

Published: May 18, 2009

Our caramelized onion recipe does not shy away from the truth: there’s no rushing good caramelized onions. Low and slow is the only way to success. People make this to top steaks, load up pizza, bake into savory galettes, or any of dozens of other uses—including eating it straight from the spoon.

9. French Onion Soup

Published: May 18, 2009

Any time you can pull off a fancy restaurant menu favorite, it sticks with you. “Out Of This World!” “A keeper.” “Hubby said it was as good as any in Paris.” “I’ve tried much more “complex” french onion soup recipes that took me all day to make that didn’t taste anywhere near as good as THIS recipe.” People make this for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special occasion you can think of, including “just because.” 

10. The Best Guacamole

Published: May 18, 2009

Guacamole is always special, but what makes this guacamole special? It’s the little adjustments you make at the end: adding a squirt more lime juice, upping the ante with more cilantro or minced fresh chiles. Have chips on hand for this final tasting step, which makes an excuse for an impromptu guac snack–chef’s treat!

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