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  • on November 6, 2023
The $2.49 Trader Joe’s Find That I Can’t Stop Eating

Trader Joe's store front
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As you probably know, the dried fruit and nut section of Trader Joe’s is where it’s at. It’s a can’t-miss section of the popular grocery store for me. I’m always grabbing freeze-dried strawberries, banana chips, salt and pepper pistachios, honey sesame cashews, candied orange slices, and spicy pecans. The selection, quality, and prices can’t be beat.

I’ve tried almost all of them, yet somehow I’ve been missing out on TJ’s apple chips. A few weeks ago I spotted them on the shelf next to the other dried and freeze-dried fruit and picked up a bag on a whim. I promptly inhaled them and bought three bags on my next trip. The rest is snacking history.

Trader Joe's Apple Chip Duo on the shelf with the price showcased
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Why I Love Trader Joe’s Apple Chip Duo

Let me count the ways. The apple snack is called Duo because it is composed of dried thin slices of red and green apples. They are different from their dried apple rings—the apple chips are thinner and completely dried, with no moisture left behind. This gives them a crisp, snappy texture.

The chips still have the apple peel, so you can see that they are different colors. They are not sweetened or otherwise flavored. You might think this sounds boring, but you’d be wrong.

The slices are super light and crisp, a perfect texture for a snack. The flavor is all concentrated apple—tart and a little sweet. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting if I’m not paying attention, and it turns out I’m not alone.

Fellow editor Myo Quinn’s son is a fellow Apple Chip Duo devotee who goes through four or five bags per week. He recently revealed, “I have to tell you a secret. I pick out the green ones. They are tart and sweet, kind of like SweeTARTS but better. I feel like I’m eating candy, which is good. Don’t worry, (my little brother) likes the red ones.”

With no added sugar or preservatives, it’s a no-brainer snack for kids and adults alike.

Trader Joe's Apple Chip Duo
Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

Other Ideas for Serving Trader Joe’s Apple Chip Duo

Chances are, if you purchase these apple chips for your family they will swiftly disappear. But they are also fun to use in a few applications. They’re ideal if you’re looking for lots of fruit flavor along with crunch.

For an extra crispy fall granola, crumble them up and add at the end. They add lots of apple-ness without adding moisture and are especially good in a cinnamon and pecan or walnut granola. They’re also a fun addition to a fruit dip spread, like a sweet cream cheese or caramel-based dip. They add a chip-like crunch dipping option to the juicy fruits and soft pieces of cake.

Whether you’re packing them in a lunchbox or adding them to a snack spread, just be sure to store them well-sealed and away from moisture so they can maintain their signature crunch.

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