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  • on October 31, 2023
The $2.79 Target Snack My Family Is Obsessed With

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As if parenting wasn’t humbling enough, I am a classically trained chef yet have two of the pickiest eaters out there. As someone who works in food and can make almost anything, finding and making quality foods my children will actually eat is a huge challenge. 

I have two sons, one is six and the other is two. They were both preemies and have had some struggles with sensory processing, specifically with the oral motor system. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of issue, basically they are very resistant (and sometimes physically gag) at just the sight of new foods and textures. Luckily my older son has made some huge strides as he’s gotten bigger with lots of help from our OT team. 

My two-year-old, however, is in the thick of it. He attends both OT therapy and feeding therapy, and feeding him can feel like a full-time job that often ends in tears. 

There is one brand of meals and snacks that has consistently saved the day for me as a mom: Once Upon a Farm. I’ve loved their pouches since my oldest was about one—when I got very sick of making homemade baby food but was grossed out by the shelf-stable options at the grocery store. 

Needless to say, whenever I go to Target I always hit up the Once Upon a Farm section. On a recent trip, I was so excited to discover a new product from the brand, Once Upon a Farm Refrigerated Oat Bars. I took a quick glance at the ingredient list and it was a no-brainer to add a bunch to my cart. 

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Why I Love Once Upon a Farm’s Refrigerated Oat Bars

As I mentioned, introducing something new to either of my kids can be a little risky, but because they are both very familiar with this brand, they were excited to try these bars. Now I can’t seem to keep them stocked in the fridge. They are full of such good stuff I don’t even mind the arguments they cause over the last one. 

The best part is my kids think they are a treat, but they are packed with tons of fiber, real fruits and veggies, and whole grain oats. There is no added sugar, which feels like a huge win for me as most of the bars I throw in the lunch box are unfortunately full of the stuff. Plus, even though they are designed for kids, I’ve had a few and they are delicious.

The other thing I love about these bars is their texture. They are designed for children 12 months and up, so the texture is really quite soft; something you don’t find in other high-quality snack bars. Usually, the bars that are low in sugar and filled with the best ingredients are difficult for children to eat and can even present a choking hazard. These bars are hearty but have a really delicious texture that sort of makes you feel like you’re eating a fresh baked treat.

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Where To Find Once Upon a Farm’s Refrigerated Oat Bars

Right now the bars are only available at Target, Wegman’s, and the brand’s website, and are priced at about $2.79 per bar. They come in three flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate, and Strawberry. Look for them in the refrigerated section.

While they stay freshest in the fridge, they can be unrefrigerated for up to one week, making them the perfect snack to throw in backpacks or the car for snacking on the go. 

If you see me emptying the entire carton into my cart the next time I bump into you at Target, you’ll know why!

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