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  • on September 24, 2023
The 30 Essential Soup Recipes for Fall

Bowl of Shrimp and Chorizo Chowder Topped with Parsley and Slices of Toasted Baguette, on a Dinner Napkin
Simply Recipes / Nick Evans

Soup is a fixture in my house all year long, but in the fall, soup feels especially right. The daylight is less abundant and time indoors increases. A big pot simmering on the stove not only adds a sense of hominess and comfort—it also often yields enough for leftovers, or to share with friends.

We have soups with pumpkin, sweet potato, and winter squash. We have steamy takes on chicken noodle. We have brothy soups and ones that flirt with stew status. Some need hours. And we also have ones that are ready from soup to nuts in fewer than 30 minutes. Bookmark what catches your eye and circle back soon to make it a reality. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup
Simply Recipes / Elise Bauer

This is the most popular soup recipe on our site for a reason: it’s better than anything you’d order at a restaurant, and pulling it off at home is empowering, like a magic trick. Just follow the directions and you’ll be golden. The onions need plenty of time to caramelize, so plan accordingly.

White Bean and Bacon Soup

A bowl of white Bean and Bacon Soup with a Dutch oven next to it
Elise Bauer

Start with dry beans to make this lazy weekend soup and it’ll simmer away while you fold the laundry or relax with your favorite feed. Don’t feel like messing with dried beans? We offer alternate directions for using canned ones.

Shrimp and Chorizo Chowder

Bowl of Shrimp and Chorizo Chowder Topped with Parsley and Slices of Toasted Baguette
Simply Recipes / Nick Evans

The broth alone in this flavor-packed chowder will have you licking the bowl. It doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, but they include some major power players: smoked paprika, Spanish chorizo, and succulent little shrimp. Be sure to have crusty bread for dipping.

Taco Soup

Bowl of Stovetop Taco Soup Topped with Avocado Slices, Cotija Cheese, and Cilantro and Surrounded by Bowls of Toppings
Simply Recipes / Marta Rivera Diaz

Faces perk up when they discover taco soup is on the night’s menu. The biggest win may be for the cook, since it’s so easy to throw together. Double it for freeze-worthy leftovers.

Lemon Chicken Soup (Avgolemono)

Yasmin Khan’s Lemon Chicken Soup in a bowl with a white linen underneath it.
Alison Bickel

How is this timeless Greek soup creamy without any dairy? Just before serving, you add tempered egg yolks. This version is a one-bowl dinner and especially packed with goodness, including chicken and kale.

Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup

A bowl of roasted kabocha squash soup garnished with cilantro
Elise Bauer

Funky, knobby kabocha squash have the densest, richest flesh ever. Roasting one makes that flavor even deeper.

Turkey Meatball Soup With Spinach and Orzo

Turkey Meatball Soup
Sheryl Julian

Hearty and light at the same time, this soup has all the things: veggies, little pasta bits, and tasty spoon-sized meatballs made from scratch. But I don’t see any reason not to pick up refrigerated or frozen meatballs and use those as a shortcut.

Butternut Squash Soup

Spooning butternut squash soup out of a bowl.
Cambrea Bakes

The addition of an apple adds another subtle layer of sweetness to this simple soup. Sub vegetable stock to make it vegetarian. Readers love this soup and offer plenty of their own noteworthy spins in the comments.

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup

Two Bowls of Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup Garnished with Cilantro, Crema, and Jalapenos at a Table Setting with Two Spoons on a Table Napkin, Bowls of Toppings (Jalapenos, Lime Wedges, Cotija, and Crema), and Tortillas
Simply Recipes / Sally Vargas

Get your enchilada action going on a weeknight when you make this easy, hearty soup.

Lasagna Soup

Lasagna Soup in a Bowl With Noodles, Sausage, Ricotta, and Fresh Basil, and in the Surroundings, Another Bowl With All the Toppings, a Saucer With Basil Leaves, and a Blue and White Checkered Kitchen Towel
Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek

Pish-posh, why labor over assembling and baking lasagna when that winning combo of flavors and textures is within reach just by making soup?

Pozole Rojo

Pozole Rojo (Pork and Hominy Stew)
Elise Bauer

It’s cheating to call this a soup, perhaps. This pozole is a delightful pork stew with a broth of earthy pureed dried chiles. You set out many little bowls of garnishes like chopped cilantro and sliced radishes, they way you would at taco night. But I’ll go for pozole over tacos any day.

Creamy Tortellini Soup With Sausage and Spinach

Bowl of easy homemade creamy tortellini soup with sausage, carrots, and spinach
Alison Bickel

Every time we share this recipe in one of our email newsletters, readers take note, make it at home, and leave glowing reviews. There’s something eye-catching about it. More importantly, it’s easy and sure to please the troops.

Instant Pot Chicken Soup

Instant pot chicken noodle soup in a bowl with the instant pot in partial view behind it.
Coco Morante

Once you’ve made chicken soup from scratch, all other chicken soups pale in comparison. This recipe is my go-to. It’s unfussy, with a thoroughly chicken-y broth that the boxed stuff can never approximate.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup in Three Bowls with Spoons, and Next to It, a Large Pot with More Soup and a Kitchen Linen
Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

Contributor Micah Silva took her Ukrainian grandmother’s sweet and sour cabbage soup, a family favorite, and made it vegetarian. It’s imminently appealing and adaptable: make it in a slow cooker, add beans, or simmer a beef shank in the pot. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the standard cabbage soup.

Easy Carrot Soup

Best Carrot Soup Recipe
Nick Evans

On nights when the fridge and cupboards are seemingly bare, you can likely pull off this pleasing soup. Serve it with crusty bread, or bake a loaf of quick soda bread to go with it.

The Best Tomato Soup

Best Tomato Soup Recipe - bowls of tomato soup on table with bread
Alison Bickle

Making your own tomato soup takes little time and reaps large rewards. You know you need to make a grilled cheese sandwich to serve with it.

Chipotle Pumpkin Soup

A bowl of Chipotle Pumpkin Soup garnished with pumpkin seeds, cilantro, and sour cream
Elise Bauer

Every year I drag home a little cooking pumpkin or two from the farmers market, and this is the ideal recipe for such impulse buys. You roast the halved pumpkin, scoop out the flesh, and season it with oregano, lime juice, and canned chipotles. It lets you enjoy a whole other side of pumpkin.

Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

A bowl of pureed sweet potato soup with a garnish of sour cream
Elise Bauer

This nuanced soup offers a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon without tasting like a Thanksgiving casserole. You basically cook a bunch of chunked-up vegetables together and then blitz the heck out of them, to impressive results.

Tom Yum

A bowl of shrimp tom yum with cilantro, halved lime, and ginger nearby
Aaron Hutcherson

Thai dishes come from a balmy climate yet really hit the spot in temperate zones once the weather gets chilly. This soup is surprisingly fast to pull together and has bright flavors from lemongrass, ginger, fresh chiles, and lime. It’s a cheater version for those of us in towns that don’t carry hard-to-find ingredients like lime leaves.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Easy Cream of Mushroom Soup in a bowl
Elise Bauer

Despite its name, this cream of mushroom soup isn’t laden with heavy dairy. Its body comes from tons of mushrooms that you puree with only a touch of cream. It’s quite easy and surprisingly elegant. I like to add a touch of miso to mine.

Buffalo Chicken Chili

Bowl of buffalo chicken chili with toppings
Aaron Hutcherson

Why settle for regular chili when you can electrify it with Buffalo sauce? We offer directions for the slow cooker and Instant Pot as well.

Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup in a bowl garnished with avocado and cilantro
Elise Bauer

This rich and satisfying black bean soup has chunks of sweet potato to liven it up. You can totally skip those if you don’t have any around.

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Bowl of stuffed pepper soup topped with cheese and some of the soup in a spoon being taken from the bowl, and in the surroundings, a table setting with a table napkin, another bowl of soup, and a small bowl of herbs
Simply Recipes / Photo by Fred Hardy / Food Styling by Emily Nabors Hall / Prop Styling by Julia Bayliss

Stuffed pepper soup is a fixture of taverns and casual restaurants where I live. It’s the sort of thing you’d never spy on a chain restaurant’s menu, and it’s so craveable. It’s also super-easy to make at home. Don’t tell—I prefer it to actual stuffed peppers.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Bowl of chicken pot pie soup topped with toasted oyster crackers on a plate with a spoon and next to it, a pot with more chicken pot pie soup, a small bowl with more toasted oyster crackers, and mustard colored table napkin
Simply Recipes / Photo by Fred Hardy / Food Styling by Emily Nabors Hall / Prop Styling by Julia Bayliss

Fumbling with pastry is the blockade between many a chicken pot pie lover and the reality of it on the table. Here’s a solution everyone will embrace: a creamy soup made from rotisserie chicken and veggies. Top with seasoned oyster crackers if you want to go all the way, though a quick bake of boxed biscuit mix would totally suffice, too.

Hamburger Soup

Serving of Easy Hamburger Soup in a bowl
Megan Keno

Everyone here at Simply Recipes LOVES this quick and easy soup. It’s so easy and crowd-pleasing. I grew up eating hamburger soup from Crock Pots at dozens of church potlucks. But this recipe is leagues better. A splash of red wine adds depth (we have an alcohol-free suggestion if you don’t have wine on hand). And the big chunks of colorful vegetables aren’t just an afterthought.

Egg Drop Soup

Bowl of egg drop soup with a spoon
Elise Bauer

You can bring this soup together in about 15 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to jump in the car and pick up takeout.

Easy Tuscan Bean Soup

Tuscan Bean Soup
Sheryl Julian

Canned beans make this soup a breeze to assemble. It’s the sort of soup you’d spot as Soup of the Day at a restaurant and want to order, but why not make a whole pot at home? Mash half of the beans to add body.

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe
Sheryl Julian

My aunt married into an Italian family and Italian wedding soup was one of her signature recipes. Guess what? This one is better (Sorry, Aunt G). It’s quite flexible. Use whatever fresh greens you have on hand―escarole, chard, or spinach will do―and switch up the adorable acini de pepe for any small pasta you have in the cupboard.

Mandu Guk (Korean Dumpling Soup)

Overhead view of a bowl of beef soup with dumplings.
Simply Recipes / Uyen Luu

Making dumplings is a fun social activity, but it’s not very feasible on a weeknight. Keep a stash or frozen dumplings on hand and you can whip up this soulful Korean soup on the fly.


A bowl of beef Borscht with sour cream and dill on top as a garnish
Elise Bauer

Beets. You love ’em or hate ’em. Borscht is perhaps the ultimate expression of beets in a recipe (according to…me). Takes on borsch abound all over Eastern Europe; some Ukrainian versions lack beets, in fact. This version clearly has them, as well as chunks of tender-simmered beef chuck. Serve it with rye bread.

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