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The 4 Best New Things I Bought at Trader Joe's in May

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Pool season is finally here. I’ve been taking our three boys to the local swimming pool after school to stay cool and expend some six, eight, and 10-year-old energy before dinnertime. Along with sunblock, towels, and pool toys, absolutely essential are snacks to refuel after each cannonball jump. Cue Trader Joe’s.

Of the new products that landed at Trader Joe’s in May, my favorites are the ones I plan to pack to the pool all summer long. Here are my top four picks.

Trader Joe’s New Products Made for Pool-Side Snacking

Package of Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Crispy Rice Bites on a marble countertop
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1. Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Coated Peanut Butter Crispy Rice Bites

Though rice crispy treats are not difficult to make, I’m aiming for a lazy, low-key summer. My kids loved these (very) chewy treats that reminded me of Special K bars. I love the classic chocolate peanut butter and sweet-salty flavor combo. The chocolate layer is quite thin, so there’s not much chocolate flavor, which we didn’t mind. For $3.99, you get 10 individually wrapped treats.

Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

2. Trader Joe’s Enchanted Jangle

This snack never made it to the pool because we snarfed it down during the 15-minute drive over. The surprising pops of lemon and strawberry flavors, and creamy and crunchy textures make it hard to stop reaching for more.

Here’s the list of items in the mix: lemon-yogurt-coated animal-shaped cookies; chocolate-coated pretzel nuggets; strawberry-yogurt-coated marshmallows; sweet, pink-and-orange-swirled confectionary chips; and savory, salted waffle pretzels. $4.49 for a 10-ounce bag is a little pricey, but for a limited-time treat, I’d buy it again.

Four pack plastic container of Trader Joe's gluten-free strawberry muffins on a marble countertop
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3. Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Strawberry Muffins

I rarely buy baked goods from Trader Joe’s because I bake often. I bought these gluten-free muffins after reading a post on Reddit about how good they are. The hype is real—these muffins are amazing and it’s hard to believe they don’t contain any gluten. Trader Joe’s describes them as “marvelously moist” and they aren’t wrong. You get bits of sweet-tart strawberries in each bite. $5.99 gets you four decent-sized muffins—two kids can split one.

Container of Trader Joe's Crunchy Chili Onion Hummus on a marble countertop
Simply Recipes / Myo Quinn

4. Trader Joe’s Crunchy Chili Onion Hummus

WHAAAAAAAT! is the only fitting reaction to this new TJ’s product. It’s a genius combination of two popular Trader Joe’s products: Crunchy Chili Onion and hummus. Not too spicy, the right amount of crunchy, and perfectly creamy, it’s an ideal dip for sturdy pita chips, fresh radishes, and celery sticks.

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