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  • on September 22, 2023
The 7 Best New Trader Joe’s Fall Products for 2023, According to Food Editors

TJ Storefront with illustrations of a maple tree with orange, red, and yellow leaves
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The arrival of fall marks the arrival of many events: back-to-school, sweater weather, and football season, just to name a few. Perhaps the most anticipated of the bunch—at least according to us Simply Recipes editors—is the lineup of autumnal goodies at Trader Joe’s. 

No one does fall like TJ’s. The grocery store rolls out the red carpet for all things pumpkin, apple, and beyond. While we anticipate the arrival of perennial favorites like their Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix and Fall Harvest Salsa every September, we’re always eager to see what new items TJ’s will release. 

This year there is a mountain of exciting finds. We quickly rushed off to our local stores to try them. Here’s what we’ll be stocking up on through the season:

Box of maple flavored fudge
Trader Joe’s

1. Maple Flavored Fudge

Made exclusively for Trader Joe’s by English butter fudge experts across the pond, this candy delivers. “I absolutely love maple syrup, and I am obsessed with maple fudge, so this hit all of the right notes for me. It’s buttery and creamy, and the maple doesn’t taste artificial at all. It’s a bit too sweet to eat the entire box at once, but you will certainly be tempted.” — Brooke Schuldt, Associate Social Director

Bowlful of pumpkin ravioli topped with sage leaves
Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

2. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Ravioli

Trader Joe’s Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli has been a fall staple in stores since 1998, so this gluten-free version is 25 years in the making. “This ravioli tastes as festive as it looks. Bright orange and filled with lightly spiced and sweetened pumpkin and cheese filling, they’re especially good quickly tossed in salted butter and sage. The pasta is a bit chewier than the glutinous version, but it’s barely noticeable and I honestly enjoyed the extra bit of bounciness.” — Laurel Randolph, Recipe Editor

Box of Trader Joe's Apple Cinnamon Buns
Trader Joe’s

3. Apple Cinnamon Buns

These apple cinnamon buns with streusel topping are made for Trader Joe’s by a bakery in Denmark. “The buns are less like an apple-filled pastry and more like a decadent cinnamon roll with a little bit of apple on top. And that’s a good thing—they are delicious! Trader Joe’s, please sell these in six or 12 packs because two isn’t enough!” — Myo Quinn, Senior Editor, News & Features

Bag of Trader Joe's Honeycrisp Apple Granola held up
Simply Recipes / Emma Christensen

4. Honeycrisp Apple Granola

This seasonal granola is made with rolled oats and dried Honeycrisp apple slices, sweetened with honey and molasses, and spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove. “I eat granola and yogurt almost every day for breakfast and am therefore always on the lookout for interesting flavors of granola to mix up my morning routine. I love that this granola is apple-forward with just a hint of spice (think: “apple,” not “apple pie”)—it’s been a fun way to start my day on these recent chilly fall mornings. The clusters are also big and sturdy enough to make my breakfast feel hearty or to eat out of hand as a snack later in the day.” — Emma Christensen, General Manager

Canister of Trader Joe's Maple Spiced Nut Mix
Trader Joe’s

5. Maple Spiced Nut Mix

This tin features maple rosemary glazed almonds and pecans that mingle with roasted pepitas and dried cranberries. “What an interesting snack. At first bite, the maple and rosemary combination can be confusing, to the point where I wondered if I actually liked it. But as I kept eating it, the taste got better and better. It’s savory and sweet, herby and salty, and the kind of snack that you won’t feel tempted to eat all in one sitting. It’s better enjoyed in smaller portions.” — Brooke

Box of Pumpkin Ginger Scones
Trader Joe’s

6. Mini Pumpkin Ginger Scones

Mini treats like these frozen, ready-to-bake pumpkin scones speckled with crystallized ginger are a win in our book because it means you can enjoy (at least) two. “These adorable little scones are tender, lightly spiced, and full of pumpkin flavor. I love that you can bake as many or as few as you like, so you can always have warm little scones ready to go. They’re especially good with a steaming cup of chai or topped with pumpkin butter.” — Laurel

Hand holding a bag of Trader Joe's Mini Maple Flavored Marshmallows
Simply Recipes / Emma Christensen

7. Mini Maple Flavored Marshmallows

Real maple syrup is what flavors these adorable mini marshmallows. “So many maple-flavored products end up tasting artificial and (frankly) super weird, but these marshmallows are the real deal. The maple flavor is pronounced but not overpowering, and they deliver the perfect hit of sweet maple goodness in every mini bite. The marshmallows themselves are also squishy and soft, as all marshmallows should be. I could have happily snacked on the whole bag, but instead, I turned them into a batch of maple rice krispie treats, which the residents of my house promptly devoured. (If you want to do the same, I recommend two 6-ounce bags Mini Maple-Flavored Marshmallows, 4 tablespoons butter, and 6 cups Rice Krispies.)” — Emma

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