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  • on February 17, 2023
Girl scout cookie gifs

Girl scout cookie gifs
Simply Recipes / Sabrina Tan

I have been a Girl Scout since 2017, so I have witnessed the rise and fall of a few Girl Scout Cookies. Each year we dedicate almost half of our winter scouting season to Girl Scout Cookies: selling at cookie booths, going door-to-door in the cold, and arguing about our favorites and least favorites. In a way, the cookies are the public face of the Girl Scouts brand. Society loves Girl Scout Cookies—the old ones, the classics, and especially the new ones.

In fact, several cookies have been introduced since I started Scouts (including the new, very hyped, Raspberry Rally, but more on that in a moment). A few have gone away, too. I am here to commemorate many of the beloved cookies and give you my opinion on every cookie currently available, ranking them from least favorite to what I think are the very best. I love Girl Scouts, and the cookies that go with it. While my thoughts on some are harsher than others, in the end cookies are one of my favorite parts of Scouts.

Girl Scout cookies on a green background
Simply Recipes / Sabrina Tan

9. Trefoils (Since 1974)

Our classic shortbread cookies have been here since the first batch of Girl Scout Cookies. They are small, bite-sized, and simplistic cookies shaped like the Girl Scout emblem. This cookie is a little bland, and is not the most requested in my experience. However, similar to the rest of the 1974 cookies, it has cemented itself in Girl Scout history, and there are no signs of it going away any time soon.

8. Lemon-Ups (Since 2020)

Yet another one of Girl Scout’s failed lemon cookies. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too critical. Technically they aren’t a failure (yet) as they are still available for purchase. I can only wonder how much longer they will be as we hardly sell any of these cookies at booths. This is the tenth Girl Scout lemon cookie to hit the market (replacing the superior Savannah Smiles), and it is currently the only lemon cookie you can buy. Not much stands out about these cookies—they are simply plain, round cookies with a bit of lemon glaze on the bottoms. They also have motivating messages written on top, such as “I am a leader,” and “I am a go-getter.”

7. Do-si-dos (Since 1974)

I think Do-si-dos are one of the “forgotten ones.” They taste good enough—peanut butter between two crunchy oatmeal biscuits. Unfortunately, this cookie never became memorable enough to earn much of a place in many America’s hearts, and it received only 5 percent of votes on a favorite cookie survey conducted in 2020. (Thin Mints received top votes.)

6. Toffee-tastic (Since 2014)

Toffee-tastics are another “meh” cookie. Dry and crunchy, with bits of hard toffee scattered around inside of it. I’ve gone through days of selling cookies without having one single person purchase a box of these. If they’re not popular, then why does Girl Scouts even keep them around? Short answer: They are the one and only gluten free Girl Scout cookie. My theory is that in coming years they’ll replace this cookie with a different gluten free cookie, and hopefully one with a more exciting flavor!

5. Thin Mints (Since 1974)

Thin mints are very popular. My mom and grandma don’t even buy them because otherwise they’ll eat half a box at a time. However, I find them somewhat basic. The chocolate is waxy, and the cookie is dry. One plus on these cookies: They’re vegan! I’ll leave the choice up to you on this fan favorite. Will you be getting a box this year? 

4. Adventurefuls (Since 2022)

These are still recently released, and therefore in pretty high demand. Last year because of supply chain issues we only received a few coveted boxes, and they went fast. I did get to try a few, and they tasted just like what they are: crunchy brownies with a square of hardened caramel on top. Are they worth the attention? Maybe. This cookie was decent, but it definitely didn’t fly to my favorites list.

3. Girl Scout S’mores (Since 2016)

The sandwich cookies are popular among kids, but I rarely see adults take much interest in them. I mean, it makes sense. A layer of chocolate and marshmallow in between two graham cookies does seem a bit childish, but don’t walk away so fast. These cookies have a secret! They taste five times better after 15 seconds in the microwave. Almost like an actual s’mores—but a bit more cakey, and therefore certainly more delicious.

2. Tagalongs (Since 1976)

This underrated melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-covered peanut butter and shortbread cookie has a steadfast following. It was released two years after the first Girl Scout Cookies hit the market, so it has been available for almost 50 years. While these cookies are lesser known, they are still delicious and well worth your money. 

1. Samoas (Since 1974)

These tie with Tagalongs as my favorite Girl Scout Cookie.  In my time at cookie booths, these are the cookies that people reach for first. No matter what else someone buys, almost 70% of the time they walk out with at least one box of Samoas. These cookies are an explosion of flavor in your mouth. They are small ring-shaped cookies, covered in a delectable combination of coconut, caramel, and chocolate.

Girl Scout Cookie box (Raspberry Rally) on a green background
Simply Recipes / Sabrina Tan

New Girl Scout Cookie Alert!

New cookies are always popular, but Raspberry Rally already hit new heights by the attention it got online. It’s not actually out yet and I haven’t tasted them because I was sick and missed our troop’s cookie rally, but even so, the troop leaders had a very limited supply. Girl Scouts press materials claim Raspberry Rally is just like Thin Mints, but with a raspberry-flavored cookie in the center instead of a mint one. Our troop has gotten several requests for them, but unfortunately they are only available online starting on February 27. I’m curious if they are doing this to build excitement.

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