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  • on February 21, 2023
Costco store front

Costco store front
Simply Recipes / Sabrina Tan

I just joined Costco earlier this year, so I’m admittedly still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. But honestly, I don’t see the spark fading anytime soon. I’m a sucker for the samples and can’t get enough of these Castelvetranos. And I’m still in awe of the amazing deal on Rao’s! (Two under $12, for all my fellow sauce-lovers).

What’s really won me over are the microwavable foods, because here’s the thing: I can really only muster a fresh, from-scratch dinner about three times a week. The other nights I turn to refrigerated tortellini, pizza delivery, or something to pop in the microwave. This is, of course, where these fun finds come in.

Without further ado, here are my nine favorite microwavable foods from Costco—all for $10 or less. (The prices may vary depending on your location.)

Best microwavable products from Costco
Simply Recipes / Sabrina Tan

1. Main St. Bistro All Natural Mashed Potatoes ($7.89)

My favorite part of these potatoes is their minimal ingredient list: it’s just potatoes, whole milk, butter, salt, and black pepper. With a label like that, it’s hard not to prefer them to homemade, which take far more time and effort. Plus, you can use leftovers to make dinner rolls, cheesy potato pancakes, or a cozy shepherd’s pie. 

2. Kirkland Signature Broccoli Cheddar Soup ($9.99)

Skip the trip to Panera and stock up on Costco’s creamy broccoli cheddar soup, which will be piping hot and ready to devour before you’ve even filled your water glass. Serve with a simple side salad and a crusty baguette, and you’ve got a major dinner win. 

3. Bibigo Savory Chicken Potstickers ($9.59)

Not only does this 4.2-pound bag come with more than 12 servings of potstickers, it also includes ginger soy sauce packets for dipping. I can’t wait to try the brand’s vegetarian variety as well, which is filled with brown rice, cabbage, carrots, edamame, and tofu. 

4. Pura Vida Fire Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Uncured Bacon ($8.97)

While I’m typically skeptical of microwaved Brussels sprouts, this fire-roasted variety is far from bland or mushy. Just like the mashed potatoes, they’re made with no artificial flavors: just sprouts, bacon, extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan pink salt, and cracked black pepper. Sold! 

5. Caprifoods Organic Riced Cauliflower ($8.59)

Nothing beats the convenience of frozen riced cauliflower, and buying it in bulk (each package comes with five 1-pound bags) means you’ll rarely run out. Use part of each bag for stir-fries or fried “rice”, then enjoy leftovers topped with an egg or roasted veggies. 

6. Bagel Bites ($9.99)

Stocking up on this nostalgic freezer find is like a gift to your future self, because when the craving for Bagel Bites hits, nothing else will do. Enjoy as an appetizer or lazy dinner—or more likely a late-night snack. If you have enough freezer space, go ahead and grab two packages. 

7. Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho Bowls ($9.49)

These fragrant bowls are vegetarian as-is, but you can add any type of protein, like shredded rotisserie chicken,  to make it a complete meal. In the time it takes to microwave, you can also prep some add-ins: sliced chiles, fresh herbs, or lime wedges. 

8. Snapdragon Miso Ramen Cups ($9.99)

Though you can make this easy ramen in the microwave, it’s so quick-cooking you can also just add hot water. Top with a jammy egg for a truly satisfying meal.

9. Kraft Easy Mac Cups ($9.99)

A cup of Easy Mac after a long day of work is often more rewarding than anything I could make from scratch. Knowing I have a few stashed in the pantry puts my mind at ease when there’s simply no time to cook.

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