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This $8.99 Pantry Essential Is *Finally* Available at Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe’s is great for so many things. I rely on them for ingredients that take my salads to the next level, sweet and savory snacks, and my weekly supply of Unexpected Cheddar. But when it comes to pantry essentials, TJ’s can be a bit hit or miss. That’s no longer the case because Trader Joe’s is now carrying a product I use every day: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Flakes. 

Why Diamond Crystal Is So Great

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is beloved by chefs, recipe developers, and home cooks because of its clean flavor and its large, not-too-salty flakes, which are great for any recipe where you want a large volume of salt without an overwhelming salty taste. 

While it’s not the only kosher salt on the market, it is my favorite in terms of flavor, texture, and saltiness. (Morton Kosher Salt is widely available and tasty, but saltier so I prefer to stick to Diamond Crystal.)

“Diamond Crystal is the restaurant standard for a reason,” says Joshua Resnick, Lead Chef at the Institute of Culinary Education. “Kosher salt is ideal for all types of cooking. The texture isn’t too small or too large, allowing for even seasoning on proteins and good spread when adding to products that are already on heat such as sweating vegetables or seasoning stews. It also works excellently when working with cures or seasoning mixes.”

Resnick adds that Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is ideal for seasoning proteins like meat. “The size of the salt allows you to see where the salt is and isn’t, while not allowing for over-seasoning that could easily happen with a smaller grain salt (as it could clump in one spot) or a larger grain (as there could be just too much salt in one area),” Resnick explains. It’s also great for baking, salting pasta water, making salad dressings, and even as a finishing salt. 

Diamond Crystal Kosher salt at Trader Joe's
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Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Price Comparison

One problem is that Diamond Crystal can be hard to find in stores, at least in New York City, where I live. After failed searches for it at all of my local grocery stores, I resorted to buying it online from Amazon, where a three-pound box is currently going for $12.99. I couldn’t find it at my local Whole Foods, but according to the website, the three-pound box is sold for $12.99 with a sale price of $11.29 and a Prime member price of $10.16. 

Meanwhile, Walmart lists the three-pound box for a whopping $17.90. Compared to that, this salt is a steal at Trader Joe’s, where it’s priced at $8.99 for the three-pound box. The only place I could find a better price was on the Stop & Shop website, where it’s listed for $8.49. 

Since I don’t live anywhere near a Stop & Shop, Trader Joe’s is my new go-to source for Diamond Crystal. If you head to your local Trader Joe’s to pick up a box, look for it in the new products section—that’s where a TJ’s employee helped me find it hidden on a bottom shelf behind some boxes of other products. After an introductory period, it’ll presumably take its place with the rest of the salts and spices in the seasoning aisle.

I’m excited to add this pantry essential to my go-to TJ’s shopping list for a great price—though no doubt I’ll spend my savings on their chocolate peanut butter cups and pickle-flavored popcorn.

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