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TikTok Taught Us the Right Way To Use a Can Opener—It’s Easier and Safer

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Amidst the plethora of fun and useful information that circulates on TikTok, there’s a trend going around where users share the most valuable tips and tricks they’ve learned on the app. It’s been happening since early 2021, but there are always new things being shared under hashtags like #thingsilearnedontiktok and #tiktoktaughtme.

The videos span various subjects, such as house cleaning tips, iPhone shortcuts, bizarre home remedies, a trick for getting rid of the hiccups, and, of course, plenty of kitchen hacks. 

Our favorite and most-used TikTok kitchen hack has been how to properly use a can opener that’s easier and safer.

We grew up cooking with our mom and she always made it very clear that we should never use our fingers to peel back the lid of a can. As a doctor, she shared plenty of detailed stories about people slicing their fingers on the sharp, razor-like edge. As much as we want to avoid a trip to the ER, sometimes we’d risk it all for the sake of convenience! Little did we know, there’s been a simpler and safer way to use a can opener all along. 

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The TikTok-Approved, Accident-Free Way to Open a Can

TikToker Julie Eigenmann shared this trick in July 2020 and it completely changed our approach to opening cans. Here’s how it works:

Instead of setting up your can opener with the blade on the inside and the twisting handle on the outside, flip it 90 degrees so the handle is on top. Clamp the blade and twist it all the way around. It will slice underneath the lid, resulting in a clean cut and keeping the entire lid attached to the can opener, making it easy to remove without using your fingers.

This small, but mighty trick makes opening cans far easier and cleaner, while greatly reducing the risk of accidents. Our doctor-mom would approve.

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