Backgammon Games

Play one of the most revered board games in the world! Our backgammon collection features traditional and modern variations. House rules aside, you must bear off all of your checkers to win. A few lucky rolls of the dice will give you a big advantage over your opponent. Use your best hitting and entering strategies, and double the stakes for extra fun!

We have backgammon games for seasoned players and complete newbies. View an in-game tutorial before you play, and learn the rules of the game. The dice determine how many pips you can move. Slide your checkers to open points, or hit a blot and trap your opponent. When all of your pieces are in your home board, roll the correct numbers to bear off!

What are the best free Backgammon Games online?

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What are the most popular Backgammon Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

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