Crafty Anvil

Lampogolovii3.6457 votes

Crafty Anvil is a clicker game that puts your crafting skills to the test! Gather resources like iron, wood, and stone by clicking, then use them to craft a variety of weapons such as shields, swords, and axes. Enhance the agility and magic abilities of the weapons to make them more powerful. With each task you complete, earn coins to level up your crafting skills and unlock new possibilities. Keep an eye out for special potions that can speed up your work. Are you ready to unleash your inner blacksmith and create legendary weapons?

How to play Crafty Anvil?

Simply click on the buttons to speed up the production.

Who created Crafty Anvil?

Crafty Anvil is created by Lampogolovii. Play their other games on Poki:: Day of Meat, Day of Meat: Castle and Day of Meat: Radiation!

How can I play Crafty Anvil for free?

You can play Crafty Anvil for free on Poki.

Can I play Crafty Anvil on mobile devices and desktop?

Crafty Anvil can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.