Geography Games

Quiz yourself and improve your map skills in one of our geography games. You can take challenging tests based on Earth locations, perfect your knowledge of territories, and set a new record score! Our collection features plenty of different quizzes and competitions for you and your friends. Choose a type of a geographical challenge, and get ready to prove your knowledge! In many of our levels, you’ll race against the clock, answering questions and labeling locations to win.

Our geography games allow you to trot across the globe, determine U.S. state names, locate European countries, and much more! In many levels, you’ll have to name locations on Earth by recognizing particular shapes. Depending on the geography challenge, levels range from very easy (for elementary students) to very difficult (for adults). There are geographic challenges for every player! Spin the globe, pick an adventure, and get ready to improve your geographic knowledge!

What are the best free Geography Games online?

  1. Flag Paint: World Tour
  2. Flags Maniac
  3. Flags
  4. Flags Quiz

What are the most popular Geography Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Flag Paint: World Tour
  2. Flags
  3. Flags Quiz