Hangman Games

Improve your vocabulary while having a great time in our hangman games! This collection features totally free word challenges. You can play against the computer or a friend, and try to guess the secret word before it's too late. Letter by letter, you must fill in the blanks. If you guess incorrectly too many times, the hangman will meet his demise!

We have a broad range of classic and modern hangman games. For a traditional challenge, you can play with a virtual pencil and paper. Or, enjoy a futuristic gaming experience with colorful graphics and animation! Try to guess words totally at random, or play with specific categories. If you think you can stump your opponent, come up with your own answers! It's like Wheel of Fortune with individual words!

What are the best free Hangman Games online?

  1. Hangman

What are the most popular Hangman Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

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