Horse Racing Games

Horse racing is an exciting sport filled with strong competition. Whether you like riding or gambling, we have the perfect game for you! Players can enter the Kentucky Derby to challenge other jockeys and vie for the gold trophy. When the race begins, the thoroughbreds will gallop as fast as possible. Command and steer your steed to take each turn and speed into first place! Our horse racing games include bettors that will cheer and boo during each round!

Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Arabian breeds are eager to run in competition. Our horse racing games feature many different challenges, including flat, jump, harness, and endurance racing. European gamers will love showcasing their skills in a 3D steeplechase! Choose the perfect steed, and leap over every hurdle as quickly as possible. If you're willing to risk it all, try gambling on winning horses. Predict the outcome of each race to win virtual cash!

What are the best free Horse Racing Games online?

  1. Horse Shoeing
  2. My Pony My Little Race
  4. Pony Run: Magic Trails

What are the most popular Horse Racing Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. My Pony My Little Race
  3. Pony Run: Magic Trails