Pirate Games

Now you can own the seas without breaking the law, in one of our pirate games. Hop aboard a pirate ship, and take an exciting trip on the ocean! We have many challenging levels which feature tons of different adventures. You can conquer enemies one-on-one, or engage in full-out sea war! Take control of a peg-legged commander and show off your sword fighting skills; or, get behind a cannonball and unleash the fury! The colorful graphics, realistic controls, and exciting action will keep you entertained for hours!

All kinds of players can enjoy our various pirate games. You can re-enact scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and play other movie-themed adventures. You will love the cartoon graphics and arcade-style gameplay of our Loose Cannon Physics challenges. Take part in Angry Birds-esque games, as you attempt to destroy ships and towers on the sea! Puzzle solvers can hunt for treasure on lost islands and sandy beaches. Practice makes perfect, and soon enough, you’ll be a masterful eye patch-wearing warrior!

What are the best free Pirate Games online?

  1. Shipo.io
  2. YoHoHo.io
  3. War of Caribbean Pirates
  4. Sink It
  5. Raft Wars Multiplayer
  6. Raft Wars
  7. Pirates Merger
  8. Shovel Pirate
  9. Raft Wars 2
  10. Cannon Blast

What are the most popular Pirate Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Shipo.io
  2. YoHoHo.io
  3. Sink It
  4. Raft Wars Multiplayer
  5. Raft Wars